About Us

Morsels of genre literature at the intersection of horror storytelling in fiction & film.

DEVOUR is a digital journal of genre literature living at the intersection of fiction & film. We seek to create a platform for speculative, cinematic storytelling in proseβ€”a place for readers of speculative fiction, for horror filmmakers who wish to tell stories with ink and quill, and for scribes with a taste for the macabre and cinematic. We seek to uplift genre and short fiction, to unsettle and unnerve, Β to boggle minds and raise neckhairsβ€”in no particular order. DEVOUR is a digital publication for now, but other aspirations are on the horizon, including a print anthology. If you are a lover of literature like us, then you probably love the tangible act of flipping a page. Let’s make it happen with VOL. 1: FEED THE BEAST.

Volume 1

Feed the beast

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